Art as Lifework, Life as Artwork

New York City, Jan-Feb, 2007

Los Angeles, March, 2007

Seattle, April-May, 2007

Los Angeles, June, 2007

Seattle, Aug-Sept, 2007

For artists and arts educators in every medium. The goals of the Program are: that professional artists, young artists embarking on new careers, high school & college students majoring in arts, arts amateurs, arts teachers in all disciplines acquire and develop the confidence and the tools to successfully produce and market their creative work; that all those who have desired, dreamed of, wished for the time/confidence/support to live a more creative and fulfilling life learn to GO FOR IT.

Mini-series: Three 3-hour sessions - Price: $100. (Individual sessions: $35 each) Ages 16 and older

For artists in every medium - musicians, singers, dancers, actors, writers; blocked/burned-out professionals, amateurs, hobbyists, students considering an arts career, senior citizens who always meant to do it and never did, arts teachers, parents of artist-children, civilians seeking holistic self-expression.


Whole-brain creative process, elimination of blocks, uncovering of innate abilities, rediscovery of joy, etc.

Part 2 - "GET TO WORK"

Step-by-step approach to the discipline of creative expression, slowing down time, controlled surrender, the magic of manifestation.

Part 3 - "GET THE MONEY"

Funding the Work. The "Arts-Business" as a business. Arts markets, your private or group studio, scholarships, grant-writing, corporate sponsorship.

Private Consultations: by appointment. Ninety-minute session: $95

Penny Orloff

P. O. Box 857

Index, WA 98256


Phone: (206)406-1279


"Penny Orloff brings much-needed vitality, knowledge, and sensitivity to arts education   ... a gifted educator, teaching with an unusual combination of tact and enthusiasm, which seems to awaken the creative and imaginative spirit...  Penny manages to achieve the best of both worlds.  I have been delighted with her impact, and recommend her enthusiastically."

Dr. David P. Barash, Professor of Psychology

University of Washington

"I am writing concerning the vast contribution of Penny Orloff.  I have observed her private and group instruction of children, developmentally disabled, and adults...  the results are wonderful.  ...self-discipline in a constructive environment... positive messages about life and our own abilities as people who contribute to their community ...she has affected hundreds of children and adults; amateur and professional musicians have an example to inspire them to continue their studies  ... lasting and positive impact."

Margaret Vitus

Professional Concert Flautist

Washington State Music Teachers National Association

"I want to take this opportunity to again express my appreciation and sense of excitement over the tremendous results you are achieving!  During my summer participation, I could not help but notice the profound effect the experience was having on the participants!  While I would suspect that all would acknowledge the tremendous improvement in performance which took place during the session, it seems to me that a more significant result was taking place.  Readily apparent was the fact that these students were experiencing the rewards which derive from the skillfully assisted focusing of their efforts.  What a pleasure to be a part of that process!  These are the successes that undeniably motivate toward excellence.  From my perspective, these results are the mark of an exceptional program.  You made a believer out of me."

Dr. Robin D. Miller

"It is difficult to find the words to tell you how grateful I am to you for your enormous contribution... far more important than I ever dreamed... by the end of the first lesson, I knew that your approach would be thrilling.  My husband and I learned traditional professions (teaching and medicine), in order to get by.  In midlife, work can become very draining.  One faces disappointments and stress, and just has to plow onwards.  This fall was a particularly difficult one for me, and you helped me through it. The only hard part now is saying goodbye... I hope you will continue... I will always be grateful."

Dr. J. E. Lipton, MD, Psychiatry

"...Just what I needed to hear.  I intend to have my children attend.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend.

Kathryn Boudreau, Director

Washington State Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

"I often muse about creativity and its role as one of life's essentials.  Playing violin, especially in orchestral setting, seems remotely creative, mostly RE-creative -- far removed from the composer's creative act.  Much the role of an excellent welder completing uniform welds, seams on a steel structure, far removed from the architect's creative act.  What you have accomplished, though, with an extraordinary fusion of energy, talent and work, is an act of creativity in the truest sense; and for the artists (us welders), brings us much closer to the creative spirit than most professional endeavors.  Thank you."

Eric Meng, President

Meng Associates, Architecture

"It's hard to believe that I was in the beautiful Northwest a year ago.  A lot has happened since I returned to Melbourne.  I have decided to set my sights on the future, and am applying for the study scholarship the orchestra offers each year.  I figure that I have nothing to lose.  With your help, I came back determined to beat management at their own game, and played too well to be dismissed!  I'm currently contacting people and preparing an itinerary to submit for the committee that chooses the succesful applicant.  I'm looking into brass and horn conferences that I could work in, and I'd love to prepare a recital.  I would like to arrange some time to coach young horn players... at the moment I'm preparing a recital of 20th century horn and piano works.  It is quite a challenge.  Thanks to you, Penny, I have no fear, only optimism and joy."

Jacqueline Spring, Principal Horn

Melbourne, Australia, Symphony

"First I'd like to reiterate what I said at the end of our last class: thank you ever so much for a truly wonderful experience.  I'm not sure where my love of classical music comes from, but I do know that I've spent years wishing that I could learn more about it.  Unfortunately there wasn't much I could do about that during my working life.  Most of it was spent in those parts of the tropical world where oil, for some reason, seems to be most abundant and music not so much.  As soon as we returned to this country after I retired I set to finding something like the course that you offer.  At any rate I finally was able to realize my wish.  It was a wonderful ten weeks, and I am sorry that it's over... Thank you."

Dick Hamer, retired engineer